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Backbenchers' backs up over ethics package (Winnipeg Free Press)

Winnipeg Free Press
October 3, 2002

Backbenchers' backs up over ethics package

CP Wire TORONTO-- Prime Minister Jean Chretien's plan to put in place a new ethics package for members of Parliament has run into resistance on his own backbenches, CBC-TV's The National reported last night. Liberals got a look at the package Tuesday, and some of them weren't impressed by House leader Don Boudria's presentation.

The new package calls for disclosure of holdings from not only MPs and senators, but their spouses, too, said the CBC.


Cabinet ministers should be the target for new stringent ethics rules, Liberal Senator Anne Cools said.

"If the prime minister has had some problems with a few cabinet ministers, perhaps that is where the prime minister should begin to deal with the ethics of his cabinet ministers," Cools said.