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Bill threatens to censor morality: senator (Saskatoon Star Phoenix)

Adding sexual orientation to the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code will restrict moral opinions, says Liberal Senator Anne Cools.

In a speech at REAL Women of Canada's national convention Saturday in Saskatoon, Cools, from Ontario, was sharply critical of Bill C-250, a private member's bill...

"It is an intent to create...a section which will be used to cleanse many people of their moral opinions...."

Cools, Canada's first black senator, worries that the law will be used to sanction churches who object to homosexual practices.

"Once you put a power before (authorities), and then try to rely on goodness for the power not to be exercised, you're indeed naive," said said.

Cools, a 1984 Trudeau appointee to the Senate, said she believes the bill is not necessarily aimed at making homosexuals equal citizens under the law, but rather that it is more about “social recognition” of the homosexual lifestyle.

Cools said she respects the privacy that Canadians have under the law to engage in sexual practices, but that she can’t in good conscience agree to promote and celebrate homosexual acts.

“I know that there isn’t a single person in this room who wants to see any injustice or hurt come to… any homosexual person (or any other) person.” …