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Chretien's new ethical rules for MPs running into resistance (The National)

The National
October 2, 2002

Peter Mansbridge

Chretien's new ethical rules for MPs running into resistance

PETER MANSBRIDGE: Good evening. Jean Chretien's attempt to set tough new ethical rules for Parliamentarians is running into some resistance from his own MPs. Tonight, we have details on Chretien's ethics package, details that have Liberal Senators and backbenchers saying there are two ethical standards, one for them and a different one for Cabinet Ministers. More now from Christina Lawand.

CHRISTINA LAWAND (Reporter): It's supposed to make MPs more accountable, but so far the Prime Minister's new ethics package is only making them mad. Seething mad, in fact. On his own backbench for starters.


SENATOR ANNE COOLS (Ontario Liberal): There's no evidence, whatsoever, that there have been any ethical breaches by members of the House of Commons or by the Senate.

LAWAND: And while the new ethics package calls for an independent Ethics Counsellor for MPs and Senators, Cabinet Ministers will continue to report to the Prime Minister's hand-picked Ethics Counsellor who answers only to the Prime Minister. Blatantly inconsistent, some Liberals say.