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Dogged Senator likes Moffat deal (The Ottawa Sun)

The Ottawa Sun
June 7, 2002

Derek Abma


The fight to save Moffat Farm from development won't get any help from Sen. Laurier LaPierre, who complained the area is simply a place for local dogs to do their business.

"Essentially, Moffat Farm serves as a dog run," he said. "It is massively fouled by dog feces."


The issue has become the Senate's business at the urging of Liberal Sen. Anne Cools, who lives near the property and is against its development.

LaPierre, also a Liberal, hailed the NCC's plan to trade about 20 hectares of Moffat Farm to DCR Phoenix in exchange for Montfort Woods, "which are of national interest because of their proximity to the Aviation Parkway."