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Gun registry to cost around $1-billion (Globe and Mail)

Globe and Mail
November 28, 2002

Kim Lunman

Gun registry to cost around $1-billion


OTTAWA Canada's firearms registry will likely cost taxpayers more than $1-billion by 2005 -- more than 10 times the amount the Liberal government said it would spend on the controversial gun-control program. Treasury Board officials expressed concern about the rising costs of the national registry for firearms at a meeting of the Senate committee on national finance.

Richard Neville, deputy comptroller of the Treasury Board Secretariat, told the committee this week that "there is a strong possibility that the final costs" of the firearms registry could be around $1-billion.


"From the Treasury Board Secretariat perspective, we are very concerned about this file," Mr. Neville told the committee when asked about the cost overruns.

The cost of the national firearms registry is expected be scrutinized in the Auditor-General's report, to be released next Tuesday.

But Senator Anne Cools, a Liberal member of the Senate's finance committee, said she wants answers from Justice Minister Martin Cauchon.

"Something is very wrong," she said in an interview yesterday. "There has been no accountability. We still have no idea why it has cost so much and why it has ballooned."