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I welcome, encourage her remarks (The Whitehorse Star)

The Whitehorse Star
April 22, 2002

Letter to the Editor

I welcome, encourage her remarks

Ed. note: this is a letter to Premier Pat Duncan.

It is with some consternation and yet with a glimmer of hope that I read an article by Jason Small in the Whitehorse Star on April 12 concerning statements made by your former minister responsible for the status of women, Sue Edelman, and her impending resignation.


Minister Edelman is not alone in that statement. There is an increasing number of women in North America who are asking exactly the same question: is true gender equality based on des-troying men? Not so, if you open an earnest ear to the grassroot movements and actually start asking those putting pressure on your government's social policy developers the right questions: back up your claims with solid scientific data. Your officials may be surprised to learn how they have been duped by something called feminist pseudo-science.

Should Minister Edelman need assistance, she should contact some key people who take her issues at heart, namely Senator Anne Cools.

Senator Cools has been an outspoken critic of the current feminist wave aimed at destroying fathers and anything that is male.


Michel Fauteux Gatineau, Que.