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Land swap foes are uninformed (The Ottawa Citizen)

The Ottawa Citizen
April 22, 2002

Gerry Mulligan

Land swap foes are uninformed

As a botanist, naturalist and longtime resident of Carleton Heights near the abandoned Moffatt Farm, I am very concerned about the uninformed opposition to a swap of the environmentally significant Montfort Woods in the east end of Ottawa, owned by a private developer, for part of the old Moffatt farm, owned by the National Capital Commission.

When I first heard that a local group had organized to stop the swap, I examined the Moffatt Farm property to determine if I should lend my support to their efforts. A close examination of the property revealed that all of the claims listed in the letter that was sent door to door were false. The vegetation is almost completely composed of introduced weedy species that persisted after farming operations ceased and some introduced shrubs and small trees coming in through natural succession.


I strongly support the stand of the NCC and MP Mac Harb. The objections of Councillor Wendy Stewart and Senator Anne Cools are certainly not in the best interests of environmental conservation and the economical use of the funds of Ottawa and Canadian taxpayers.

Gerry Mulligan, Ottawa