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More Homolka charges? Attorney general doesn't rule out a trial in Jane Doe case (Toronto Sun)


Conservative Senator Anne Cools said Homolka's immunity deal on the Jane Doe rape "remains an open wound in the administration of justice".

Prompted by the uproar over the so-called "deal with the devil", Cools introduced a private members bill in 1996 that would have allowed a judge to quash plea bargains if a witness was found to have lied or negotiated in bad faith. The bill died on the Senate floor.

"The entire thing was a scar on the face of justice and I've been deeply bothered that a proper examination was never done," she said yesterday.

Cools said prosecutors were blinded at the time by Homolka's defence of being a battered wife who would do anything to appease her husband.

"They were seized of the ideology that violence was unique to men and not something women are capable of," she said. "Evil is not a gendered quality."