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NCC lands in fight (The Ottawa Sun)

The Ottawa Sun
June 12, 2002

A.J. Blauer


A heated exchange yesterday over the fate of the Moffat Farm property ended with an exasperated senator calling for reform to the legislation governing the NCC.

"I'm totally convinced that the National Capital Act needs a total revision," said Liberal Sen. Anne Cools after speaking with NCC chair Marcel Beaudry at the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance.

Cools portrayed the NCC as a "constitutional monster" expropriating land with little regard for opposition from city council and the public.

"It has concerned many members of this committee, Mr. Beaudry, that the NCC has been on a collision course with members of council and residents of ... Ottawa," she said.


Already angry over Beaudry's comments pitting Ottawa residents against Canadians, Cools blasted the NCC for its refusal to sell Moffat Farm to the city until council rezones it for development.

Rezoning would increase the property's value to more than $10 million, much more than the $400,000 the city offered last April. "From my point of view, Mr. Beaudry, I call that land speculation or distortion of prices," Cools said.