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Nation's Capital is our city too (The Ottawa Sun)

The Ottawa Sun
June 16, 2002

Claudette Cain


At last, we heard from the horse's mouth what the National Capital Commission believes its mandate to be.

If we didn't believe it before, there should now be little doubt that the citizens of Ottawa are a thorn in the side of this elitist-thinking agency. Marcel Beaudry, chair of the NCC, appeared before the Senate's finance committee last week to defend the commission's position on the Moffatt Farm. Some of his comments were quite revealing indeed and should convince the federal government that time is overdue for a parliamentary review of the NCC.


Sure, many have been critical of its standoffish approach and some reforms were suggested in the past. But it takes someone with the firm resolve and authority to make it happen. Senator Anne Cools started the ball rolling earlier this year and so far has gained much support from her colleagues in the Senate.

Our local MPs also need to take a close look at what Chairman Beaudry is spewing about their constituents and their rights to enjoy these federally owned lands. The NCC needs an attitude adjustment and our members of Parliament should be joining Senator Cools' crusade to bring back some accountability.