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Skirmish fails to scratch the formidable feminist war machine (The Ottawa Citizen)

The Ottawa Citizen
April 9, 2002

Dave Brown

Skirmish fails to scratch the formidable feminist war machine

Calling themselves humanists, they came from across Canada Saturday to do battle on Parliament Hill against militant feminism. At the end of the day they looked like a patriotic ragtag militia that had fired a few shots at a professional army that paid them no notice.

Nor did the media.

Leading the charge were Senator Anne Cools and MP Roger Gallaway. They are the forces behind demands for changes to the Divorce Act. The cry is that current laws abuse children. They also want to adjust a playing field so tilted that Mr. Gallaway, a lawyer, said: "The system is broken and a disgrace."


Many talked about an as-yet-unreported epidemic of male suicides, but with no money to study men's issues it's a hard one to prove. Ms. Cools said a desperate man recently found his way to her office seeking fairness; he committed suicide within a few weeks. She asked: "How can a man making $12 an hour be expected to pay $250 an hour to a lawyer?"