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Supreme Court 'absolutely corrupt': prof (The Interim)

The Most Dangerous Branch: How the Supreme Court of Canada has Undermined Our Law and Our Democracy by Robert Martin.


Senator Anne Cools has written a brilliant introduction to Martin's book. Although she is self-taught in law, Martin justly esteems her as one of the most learned and perceptive experts on Canadian constitutional law.

Like Martin, Cools maintains, "The judiciary is profoundly undermining representative parliamentary democracy. In effect, the judiciary is turning Canadian into an oligarchy, even into a kritarchy (Greek for rule by judges)." ...

Cools concurs. She, too, denounces "the wanton disregard by the judiciary of its proper constitutional role in representative parliamentary democracy". She urges Canadians to speak out against, "the excesses of judicial activism". She admonishes: "For the sake of justice, and for the sake of representative institutions, Canadians have no recourse but to resist these judicial incursions into politics and public policy formation."