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Who's in charge? (National Post)

National Post
July 19, 2001

Who's in charge?


a committee of unelected civil servants, who happily spent $1.5-million travelling across the country doing what is supposed to be the job of their political masters -- listening to the public and making policy decisions. One of those decisions was to turn down the call for separate hearings. But it was not the Minister who made this plain in a letter to the editor -- it was the committee co-chair, a civil servant.

All this proved too much for even some Liberals. Anne Cools, a Liberal Senator, and Roger Gallaway, a Liberal MP, rejoined the committee co-chair in our letters column of July 10, saying "the consultations are mimics of Parliament [and that] a politically active civil service is contrary to our system of governance."

Both have served proper notice to Prime Minister Jean Chretien's Liberal government. The civil service is not supposed to do your job.