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Speech in Senate Chamber: Divorce Act— Bill to Amend—Second Reading—Debate Adjourned

Divorce Act

Bill to Amend—Second Reading—Debate Adjourned

Hon. Anne C. Cools moved second reading of Bill S-216, An Act to amend the Divorce Act (shared parenting plans).

She said: Honourable colleagues, I shall not be long because, as we can see, we are approaching the magical hour of six o'clock. However, I would like to say one or two quick things.

This bill embodies and represents many years of industry, labour, study and reading in the field. It will amend the Divorce Act in a way that is quite different and unique, but necessary to enhance the power of judges in respect of the best interests of the child. As we know, the term "best interests of the child" — and I am taking a lot of time, and I shall to put all this on the record — was a term created and formed in the chancery courts — or courts of equity — which, as you know, had to look after the well-being of and matters that concerned children, women and mentally challenged individuals.

In any event, I do want to go into this in a fulsome way, which is exactly my plan, so I shall keep you in suspense for just a few more days or so, at which time I will present to you the most glorious research you will have ever heard.

(On motion of Senator Cools, debate adjourned.)

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